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Working dragon wings? Posted by ArthurS on Aug 14, 2012
Starting my next project.  I want to replace my dragon.  Remember "Emu" from the 70's?  I'm going to make the design somewhat like that.  So the body will be at my elbow, my arm will be its neck and hand its head.  But I want him to be able to raise his wings, which are back on the body at my elbow.  So it'll almost have to be something subtle from the other hand or something on my body/belt.  Thoughts on making them rise like he is wanting to take off?
Re: Working dragon wings? Posted by Shawn on Aug 14, 2012
I would think you would want to use the old bike cable set up for this. Easiest and cleanest would be to run the cable up the sleeve across the shoulders and then back down to your other hand.

Another approach would be a trigger on the inside much like you have for eyebrows. Hang it so to speak from the top of the head so that that trigger can be accessed by same finger you would for eyebrows.  A small metal tube could have the hanger ends bent into it on each side and then you create the same shaped trigger as you do on eyes.  Or maybe just buy a hinge and attach it to the top of the head. You can get hinges that are short on one side then have the longer extension on the other. Think they are used on gates and trunks for the most part. The longer piece would be your trigger hanging down.

Just a couple thoughts off the top of my head.

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