Beware Posted by MsPuppet on Aug 20, 2012
Just a heads up to you fellow puppet sellers.  I received an email from a person saying their puppet team is desperate, they have a show scheduled and the cleaning people found moisture in the cardboard box where the puppets were stored and threw away all their puppets. Long email(has to get approval from the church to purchase more/long process/will probably have to use a personal cc, etc.).   After checking this out with some other puppet people, I found this seems to be a hoax going around, someone trying to get donated puppets. 

While I have no problem helping people, I do not like to be conned.  This email could be perfectly legit, but it seems to follow a pattern of the hoax.  Because my husband is a pastor, I know a little about how things normally work in a church.  Most church insurance will cover this type loss. Admittedly, they may not want to file a claim for this amount.  However, most congregations would willingly give to see something like this replaced if it is a viable ministry of the church.  And... why would you store puppets in a box???

I have emailed him 3 times, offering to sell him used puppets at a reasonable price and have not heard back.

Has anyone else heard from this guy? 

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