Hope you all are well Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 04, 2012
I hope everyone is doing well these days. Its been a busy few months for me. I have decided to throw in the towel as it were. I wont be building puppets for clients any longer. Its ok sometimes the universe is trying to tell you something and try as you might it doesn't always go your way. I lost my computer a few weeks ago to a lightning strike and the constant raining we have had here on the cost has caused water and flooding issues. I'm just fed up with all the problems as I'm sure you are listening to them. I may feel differently in a few months or a year who knows.

Aside from that Frankenstein is going well. We had to repair or in some cases completely rebuild puppets from scratch fro all the damage but knock on wood it goes well from here.


The above is a new page were all the photos from rehearsal and puppet and set shots are at.

I do hope your all doing well love and miss you all.

Jay (drpuppet)
Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Shawn on Sep 04, 2012
Good to hear from you Jay. Sorry to hear you won't be making creations for others anymore but I understands.  Sounds like you are still going to be involved with puppetry though.  I didn't realize that Frankenstein had a FB page.  Cool pics from behind the scenes.

P.S.  Fixed the link for you.
Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Na on Sep 04, 2012
Sorry to hear it Jay: and I completely understand. Having similar-ish problems myself at the moment.

Good luck for whatever you end up doing!
Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Sep 04, 2012
   We are so sad to hear that such a talented puppetsmith as yourself will be retiring. Please don't be a stranger around here.  Will you still be selling your patterns and videos on your site?

Please let us know if you pick up where you left off, we'll be waiting.

Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Gail on Sep 05, 2012
So sorry you are having trouble. Have missed you and your posts. Hope things dry out for you soon so you can get back to creating.
Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 06, 2012
Jay my friend building puppets and fried computers is just water under the bridge with what you have over come in the past several years and you did survive it all. We have to take a break every now and then to do something different. Who knows what is in store for us in the future, what is the saying when one door closes another door opens. I'm sure months down the road you will chalk that up as some of life's experiences. I haven't built puppets in several years. Since taking care of my Mother I'm usually so emotionally drained that it seems I just have no creativity. One month I want to give up and sell everything the next minute I don't. So who knows! I still enjoy coming to Puppets and Stuff and seeing everyone else be productive and create new projects. Congrats on the Frankenstein project they sure picked the right person for the job! Thanks for the link to Facebook I have been following things from time to time. Things will get better as they always do just hang in there man.
Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Angel in Tx on Sep 06, 2012
From fb I watched the youtube vlogs.  Fascinating!  I love to watch behind the scenes.   Good luck on your new adventures!
Re: Hope you all are well Posted by Animal31 on Sep 07, 2012
I wish you well in whatever you do, and look forward again to the next appearance from "The Doctor"...........

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