Short Film Awards Posted by PoorFishy on Sep 07, 2012
Hey folks,

We at Poor Fishy Films (the folks bringing you the all-puppet It Came From Uranus) are up for a Cinema Hamilton Incite Award. If you have Facebook and would like to help us out, please visit this link and scroll down to our film - Circus Temps - and click Like on the video posting. I even suggest you watch it, as it's quite amusing IMHO. Also check out the other amazing short films in the thread. Some fantastic work by some fantastic filmmakers.

But Like ours. We wanna win.

Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy the movie.
Re: Short Film Awards Posted by Shawn on Sep 08, 2012
Who is this clown.   Sorry couldn't resist. 
Re: Short Film Awards Posted by PoorFishy on Sep 08, 2012
This film gave us our best behind-the-scenes story ever. 

We filmed at a school in a low-key kind of neighbourhood.  At lunch we ordered pizza.  When the pizza guy showed up we had our bearded lady stand in the foyer , back toward the door, and wait for him to come in.  The guy came in and she turned around with a huge smile and said "How much?".  He took a step back and the look on his face was priceless as he tried to figure out what he had stumbled into.

But it gets better.

The clown, who is about 6' 6", ambles out to the foyer and in a deep, angry voice he bellows "What the &%*@ is taking so long!  I'm &%*@n' hungry over here!"

The guy almost had a heart attack.  He was immediately in terror, looking around frantically as he tried to figure out how he was going to get out of there.  He all but tossed the pizza at the bearded lady, snapped the money and got out as fast as he could.

I've never laughed so hard in my life.  Sadly, we didn't get it on film.  I wish we did.

But at least we can take comfort in knowing that we gave him a story that he can tell over and over any time someone asks him, "So what's the weirdest thing that you ever saw when delivering a pizza?".
Re: Short Film Awards Posted by Shawn on Sep 08, 2012
Love the back story on the filming of this!  Thanks for sharing that with us.

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