Puppets in Speech Class Posted by Puppeteergirl on Sep 20, 2012
Hey guys!
I'm putting together an informative speech for class and I decided to talk about the use of puppets beyond entertainment. I need some resources that I can reference in my speech. I'm focusing on education, speech therapy, psychology, and anything else that puppets are used for (other than entertainment). I need some suggestions for resources, and I can only use one internet resource. The rest have to be publications from books or magazines. Please help me out! 
Re: Puppets in Speech Class Posted by Gail on Sep 21, 2012

My brother-in-law used my puppets in his counseling and helped a young boy who would not talk start to talk again. Sorry he has not published that for you to quote.
Re: Puppets in Speech Class Posted by Na on Sep 22, 2012
You can look up medical research on Pubmed:

I typed in 'puppet' into the search and there were a whole lot of papers in relation to children, play, and outcomes. Worth browsing through, even if they don't specifically cover puppets. (You may only find abstracts of papers, not the whole thing. But it's a start) You may have better luck sticking 'creative art therapy' into the search.
Re: Puppets in Speech Class Posted by Jorge on Sep 23, 2012
Look here:
As they say in the presentation of the site "The website: www.periscopiounima.org provides a new means of communication for those who wish to disseminate experiences and projects that connect puppetry with the promotion of social values and human rights."
Hope it helps.

On the other hand, I have read about using bird puppets (Parent bird heads) to feed chicken of threatened bird species which are intended to return to wild, in order to avoid them to get used to humans, but I can not refer you to a particular site or document

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