Scott Land Marionettes Posted by Shawn on Sep 30, 2012
Hey folks I made two new friends today on FaceBook and wanted to share!  Some of you may recognize the name Scott Land and I am pretty sure we have talked about him in the past but not sure that we have shared his website and youtube channel.  Actually his girlfriend friended me and then through conversation we got around to Scott and his stuff.  So where we go.  First a video from his YouTube channel just in case you have not seen his work in the past. Actually if you are a movie goer you more then likely have seen his work.

Now links to his site and YT channel
Re: Scott Land Marionettes Posted by marionettics on Sep 30, 2012
Really enjoy his marionette work, have spent many hours watching what I can of his shows on youtube..... Love his clown with ballon routine and his ice-skating penguin is quality, the movement is superb. His dual break away skeletons are great too, but I totally want to get my hands on the 'flasher' marionette of his, could have a blast with that.

And I can't not mention his work on Team America... amazing!

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