Porque Oramos Posted by pagestep007 on Oct 07, 2012
HI, I have just handed in the last 20 of a series of 67 short programs to be transmitted on Christian TV here in Colombia. I have uploaded them all to youtube, but have only subtitled 20 into English so far. I will make them public as I subtitle them. This episode is our querky presenter's father Berdinand Spark. Hard to believe this was done just before the puppeteer went into University.... 6 years ago! He has just graduated with a degree in acting. We have just started doing new stuff with him now he is out of suspended animation. Subscribe to the channel  to get  notified of  further episodes  when subtitles are done, and any new material I upload.

Re: Porque Oramos Posted by Chris Arveson on Oct 08, 2012
looked pretty cool to me.
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by pagestep007 on Dec 02, 2012
 Episode 21 subtitled into English. A walk down memory lane. My daughter was the flower.

Re: Porque Oramos Posted by BoozeBandPuppets on Dec 02, 2012
These are great! Really love the sets you have built, and the flower is cute - you are being upstaged your daughter gave a scene stealing performance! I'm off to subscribe to your channel as I would like to hear more of the translated versions as well! 
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by BoozeBandPuppets on Dec 02, 2012
Just watched your Nessie video - Really loved the Nessie puppet!! I'd love to hear this one translated!

Re: Porque Oramos Posted by Shawn on Dec 03, 2012
Very nicely done! Did you do the animation also? I almost missed the puppets closing their eyes when they prayed. That was a cool little detail that you added.
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by pagestep007 on Dec 03, 2012
Yes, Shawn I did do the animation. Its an oldie so I am not that proud of it. No lip sinc at all for example. ┬┤What we do these days is way better. And the techniques these days in 2D animation is verging on puppetry. We use Anime Studio. You build a 'puppet' out of vectors,or images in layers, and attach bones, and then position them on a timeline using the bones, and the computer moves them. Much like shadow puppetry. Really easy and quick. You can even record movements by moving the bones in real time, which the program records, and  then repeat back for you. Lip sincing is even automatic...I don't know why more animators have not found the program. What used to take me three days, I can do in about 20 mins now.
  The closed eyes on the puppets is just editing. We pin the pupil into the eyeball, then when they need to be closed, cut to the other puppet for a comment, change the pupils for a piece of shoe lace with a pin  melted into each end to then pin into each side of the eyeball. A temporary eyelid in cloth, stuck with double sided tape or rolled masking tape is even better looking. Then when the prayer is over, cut to a shot with the pupil back in place. If the  puppet is a generic, you can replace the whole eye with a closed one for the  closed eye shot.
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by BoozeBandPuppets on Dec 03, 2012
Ah, yet another gold plated tip from pagestep007, about the closed eyes this time! That hadn't dawned on me to do it like that. Very clever!!
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by pagestep007 on Dec 04, 2012
BoozbandPuppets...'Nessie'  has subtitles in English now
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by pagestep007 on Dec 29, 2012
Happy New Year to all! And to see this year out ... here is an episode for all you sports people out there


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