Re: Porque Oramos Posted by pagestep007 on Oct 22, 2017
Thanks Shawn. Yes, it was a great run. Just a few stats : The set cost me $2:50 for a set of hinges. The rest was from recycled stuff from off the street. The series was great for training and newbies got to be guests. Editing took me three days for the first episode, but got down to 3hrs in the end, and apart for lunch we usually supplied, each episode had a budget of about $5.00 for transport...and in a few  months will have been transmitted via satellite to 6 continents.
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by Gail on Oct 23, 2017
Impressive to see how you do so much with so little, God is multiplying your work with eternal dividends.
Re: Porque Oramos Posted by The Director on Nov 02, 2017
Bravo my friend

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