What are your plans for halloween? Posted by marionettics on Oct 13, 2012
Personally love this time of year, have a few bits of work over the next few weekends, but other than that I'll probably just be watching a bunch of scary movies with friends.

So what about the rest of you, have any halloween parties or other exciting things going on? I'm sure alot of you must have some halloween themed projects going on or some shows around this time of year, would love to hear about them...

Here's a little video I did as my way of saying happy halloween.

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Whatever you are doing this halloween make sure you have fun!
Re: What are your plans for halloween? Posted by Rcdspoon on Oct 13, 2012
Well, I built a Godzilla puppet for my kids school halloween event... then I thought i would also take him trick or treating with the kids as well.
Re: What are your plans for halloween? Posted by Shawn on Oct 13, 2012
Great video! Love some of the moves your guy has.  I think my favorite is when his head in on the ground and his but is in the air!

Well I am in Myrtle Beach SC, as I am ever time this year, on a job. There is usually a pumpkin carving party that the other wardrobe crew has that was fun last year.  We also hit the haunted houses here last year and I think we are going to try this year also.  They have a big party at "Broadway on The Beach" but don't know we are going to partake this year. It is pretty wild and lots of drinking. I am not a big drinker so don't have much patients for drunks. There where some pretty spectacular costumes though. 
Re: What are your plans for halloween? Posted by Chris Arveson on Oct 14, 2012
Take the two year old trick or treating, then...nope. That's it. Not a real big Halloween kind of guy.
Re: What are your plans for halloween? Posted by Na on Oct 14, 2012
Halloween isn't a big thing here in Australia, though there's always a few kids/teens who like the idea of it and go trick or treating. But really it's more of a "here's a Christmas-themed movie in the run-up to Halloween" thing or "here's some candy (we call them sweets or lollies here, but during Halloween it always ends up being publicised as candy) for your kids" thing. It's funny when I think about it because there's always lots of Halloween-themed products in shops, but there's never any big celebration of it like in the USA.

My answer is a little 'Pinky and the Brain', minus the taking over the world

"What are we doing tomorrow night Brain?"
"The same thing we do every night... "
Re: What are your plans for halloween? Posted by marionettics on Oct 14, 2012
Pretty much the same as over here in the UK... Halloween just isn't a big deal over here and I doubt I'll get any trick or treater's, maybe a couple of horror movies on TV but thats about it. But I do enjoy this time of year and always look out to see if there's anything in the local area going on. Sometimes a few theatres doing ghost walks or halloween based plays. I always enjoy this time of year so its always good to hear how its celebrated over in the states, they seem to get into it alot more than the rest of us!

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