A bit confused Posted by The Director on Nov 07, 2012
 ::)As much as I love this site I have to admit that the forum puts my ADD in high gear.  There are so many categories that I never know for sure where to post.  Perhaps it doesn't matter. I feel I've added to the confusion as I have posted links to videos in several places. blogs and websites, video reviews, filming puppets, puppets on the internet, etc.. then of course in responce to conversations.  There may be no way around this.  Is it just me, is this a non issue?
Re: A bit confused Posted by BoozeBandPuppets on Nov 07, 2012
I hope it's not a knuckle wrapping issue Director, as I'm terrible for putting stuff in the wrong place. (I get excited and shoot stuff everywhere!) 
Re: A bit confused Posted by Chris Arveson on Nov 07, 2012
I'd say that if you've heard no complaints, then you're fine. I don't pay attention to the categories as I read. I just go through all the new posts, and cover everything.
Re: A bit confused Posted by Shawn on Nov 08, 2012
I try to look at the categories when posting but I am not tied to them. Often I just post in Open Discussion.  I don't get upset at all if folks post "out of place".  If I really think something fits in another place I can move it there. Please never let this confusion keep you from posting. 
Re: A bit confused Posted by The Director on Nov 08, 2012

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