Closing up Posted by CJ Puppets on Nov 08, 2012
Hi all,

I know it's been a while since I posted. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to be closing up CJ Puppets. I guess I really just lost the passion and I don't wanna be the guy that makes crappy puppets that he doesn't care about just to make a buck. I do have some pre-dyed Antron that I would still sell. I have a nice hot pink, yellow, orange, Kelley Green and probably a few other colors. Lemme know if you're interested and I'll get some pictures together.

Re: Closing up Posted by Shawn on Nov 08, 2012
Sorry to see you "leave". BTW I don't think your puppets are crappy... I think they are great. I do understand though that often interest is lost and that one must move on to other things.  Hope you'll still drop by from time to time and who knows maybe down the line you'll regain your passion for puppetry.
Re: Closing up Posted by CJ Puppets on Nov 08, 2012
thanks Shawn, I didn't mean my current ones were crappy. I just don't wanna fall into making crappy ones just for the money.
Re: Closing up Posted by Shawn on Nov 08, 2012
Ah ok... I understand.  I pretty much made the same decision. I do less in puppetry now then I used to. My main focus now is in wardrobe, hair and makeup for full sized productions. I still do puppet projects from time to time when I feel inspired by them but I am not dependent on it for income.  
Re: Closing up Posted by MsPuppet on Nov 08, 2012
I'm interested in the Antron and anything else you have. You can MSG me with a list and prices.
Re: Closing up Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 09, 2012
I do understand the " losing interest" aspect of things however I hope you will still join us and share your knowledge and things you have learned while you have been building puppets. I to lost interest but keep everything in storage in case the desire hits me one day LOL.

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