How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by Murphysworld on Nov 23, 2012
Hey there so,
Since I started to build Puppets I saw a really huge mass of "How Tos"
on the Internet and Youtube.

And I know there are a lot of ways to build a Puppet.. as just for Example:
- Some build with Pattern, Some without.
- Some Builders do have a exact Imagination of how the Finnished Puppet will look like
  somebody work into the Blue and look like what came out and so on.

As for me, I think building a Puppet is like Drawing a Picture.. You have something in your Mind and start to 
bring it on Paper.

How do you build your Puppets? 
Re: How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by PoorFishy on Nov 23, 2012
I have an idea what I want my puppet to look like but I never make sketches or anything.  I use a pattern and make any adjustments I may need, otherwise I just go for a basic look and see what happens.  I've only had one puppet so far not work out in this method.
Re: How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by Shawn on Nov 23, 2012
As a rule I don't build using a pattern but start from scratch. No real drawing to start out with but do have an idea in my head unless it happens to be for a client who has provided a drawing or pictures to follow. There has been a few times when I've used a pattern when the look of the puppet I was going for was not specific i.e. generic male or female.
Re: How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by pagestep007 on Nov 25, 2012
It varies for me. Sometimes a pattern, sometimes just some objects and see how they fit together, sometimes something specific in my head, sometimes not.
Re: How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by Angel in Tx on Nov 25, 2012
I sometimes use patterns, sometimes make my own.  I usually know what it is I am going to build and it's a bit of trial and error to get it to turn out like I want.  Sometimes it doesn't turn out like I wanted, but I use it anyway! LOL  Sometimes, and it is the best moment, it turns out exactly like I envisioned.  I don't always sketch but sometimes I do. 
Re: How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by ArthurS on Nov 27, 2012
Yes.  Or I mean all of the above.  Some times I start with a pattern that I have.  Sometimes I start by making a pattern.  Sometimes I start with a general mouth shape and just put foam on it until I get what I want.  It all depends on what I am looking for - Something specific, something new or just to play and see what happens.

I am working on one now that initially turned out TERRIBLE.  I had no idea on what I'd ever use this weird, squished head I had created until I tried to dye some white fleece green.  The dye job didn't work and I got this light aqua.  What the heck am I going to do with a light aqua??  So i combined the two and have a super cute alien puppet. 

Like I have said before.  Mess ups aren't really mess ups.  They are just puppets wanting to be something other than what you had planned!
Re: How do you Build your Puppet? Posted by pagestep007 on Nov 27, 2012
Ha ha ArthurS. Yep, that is the way it goes sometimes. Cool logo update by the  way.

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