little frog pattern Posted by Mr. Magilwood on Mar 03, 2013
anyone know where I could find a pattern to make a robin the frog (kermit's nephew) puppet. Not looking to make a replica, I just want to make a small cute puppet character
Re: little frog pattern Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Mar 04, 2013
Best place to start is The glorified sock puppet pattern.  You will want to enlarge it and add body foam, but the head shape is a good start.
Re: little frog pattern Posted by Animal31 on Mar 04, 2013
There is a Fisher Price Kermit head pattern floating around too, the head is perfect for a Robin, just make the neck longer to use as a body...
Re: little frog pattern Posted by Mr. Magilwood on Mar 04, 2013
have the glorified sock pattern, i'll try that or i'll look for the fisher price pattern
Re: little frog pattern Posted by jeezbo on Mar 05, 2013
I think you might find it interesting that you can pick up on ebay the origional 'muppet babies' stuffed toy patterns very cheaply, i have actually got a few of them including a fantastic 'baby kermit the frog' that im sre you could make a wonderful small from puppet from. ive actually utilised the patterns in the past and used them to make puppets (although the patterns are to make the stuffed toys, its easy to make a puppet from them) and the patterns are really good, very detailed and im sure yu can learn alot from them as a puppet maker too!! the patterns must have come from a magazine at one point, but people generally take good care of them, mine where in fantastic condition!! i hope this helps.

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