It's me! Posted by lokiy2j on Mar 12, 2013
Hey guys, just a note to say sorry for not posting and being as active on here as I'd like! new season of The Loki Show is keeping me busy pretty much every night! (episode 5 is rendering as I type) just to say I hope to be on to soak up more knowledge and maybe share something helpful every now and then pretty soon!

Re: It's me! Posted by pagestep007 on Mar 13, 2013
Good to hear you are still there. I too am reeeennnndddeeerrring right now. slow going. It will be nice to see your next episode.
Re: It's me! Posted by lokiy2j on Mar 13, 2013
I've upgraded my software to Vegas Pro 12 now, so many more rendering options it took me a while to get my head around it again! I was coming out with files around the 100GB mark! (yes super high quality) but now I've got it down, it a 20 min job and the uploads are pretty swift too, I'm trying to get ahead of myself but it's tough, the season plan/outline I worked on in january is paying off tho!

New episode is today! I'll create a new thread for it, I do hope you guys enjoy as it is very different to last year.

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