Latex Puppet Posted by andruppets on Apr 10, 2013
Hello Puppet Fellow Builders!
I am making an attempt at making a latex puppet. I am sculpting it with a chavant clay. Do you guise have any tips? Do you know if there is a video tutorial I could watch to educate myself? I have mainly worked with soft foam constructed puppets in the past and decided this would be something new for me.

Re: Latex Puppet Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Apr 10, 2013
Hey Andrew.  Your puppets are looking great.  Sonny Vegas used to be part of this site.  Here is his site. He does wonderful work in latex. 

Others will be along shortly to help.

Re: Latex Puppet Posted by Shawn on Apr 11, 2013
Chavant has a couple DVD's out on sculpting for mold making. They may be available where you got the clay.  Are you wanting to make a regular latex puppet or a foam latex one? They are two different processes. Foam latex is injected into a mold where as just regular latex can be slushed or pored into a mold then closed up. Foam latex is a bit more involved but is what most stop motion puppet makers use to make their puppets. Below is the second video in a series of that process.

Even if you are not making a stop motion puppet with an armature it should give you some decent basic tips.  One of the most basic of tips in any of the processes would be that you want to sculpt the mouth in the open position which actually is the same rule for making puppet out of sheet foam or carving them out of block foam.


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