Volunteer Help in Houston Area Posted by systemcat on Apr 17, 2013
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Ok, the reason I have such nice free time to build puppets and do tiny shows with them is because I'm retired. Early retirement mind you, it's because I'm disabled. I want to be busy and helpful with things, but I rarely find work that wants me to volunteer for it. Why I'm bringing this all up here is well ... I make my puppets for short films or on a whim. I'm an artist and so love doing projects. But it bothers me that once I've made my short video, what I made for the video just sits collecting dust. I'd like what I've made to get more use. So getting to the bottom line here. Are there any places in the Houston area in need of a volunteer builder / puppeteer?

Do bare in mind of the preforming end. I don't consider my self very good and know I could use some coaching to be better. But hey, if some one wanted me to help them, I'd be working for free .

Also as an ending comment to the start of this topic. I have already contacted the Children's Museum. They never contacted back.
Re: Volunteer Help in Houston Area Posted by Shawn on Apr 18, 2013
I think maybe there are actually quite a few puppet companies in Houston.  Have you tried Puppet Pizzazz http://www.puppetpizzazz.com/index.html There is also Carranza Puppets http://www.carranzapuppets.com/
Re: Volunteer Help in Houston Area Posted by MsPuppet on Apr 23, 2013
Carranza Puppets uses (I think this would be correct) the Punch and Judy type puppets.  I've seen them at library shows. I've never seen Puppet Pizzazz (or read about them in the paper, etc.).

Creative Ministry Solutions just had a festival in Houston in few weeks ago. A great place to learn and network with others.

My recommendation (I'm in the Houston area too), is (a) to approach your church about starting a team, (b) find a church that is interested in puppets. Some churches have summer camps (day care type) and they might be interested.  

You might try listing on Craigslist.  Most schools and libraries (and probably the Children's Museum) want references and/or videos of what you have done, regarding performances.  Years ago my children did some Birthday parties (they clowned, did illusions and puppets).  
The puppet community is not real active in the Houston area,  as far as getting together/networking is concerned.  The Puppetry Guild is not overly active either :-(  Good Luck.
Re: Volunteer Help in Houston Area Posted by Na on Apr 23, 2013
Carranza also happen to be the representatives for the local puppetry guild in that area:

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