osterich feathers how to glue Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on May 30, 2013
Can someone tell me how to attach hair from osterich feathers on the head of a puppet?
And how to split,to get a great coupe.

Re: osterich feathers how to glue Posted by jeezbo on May 30, 2013
Hello again Jeroen,
as to how to spilt the ostrich feathers, I don't think that will be a problem, they usually come on a piece or ribbon and you just pull out the ones you need, if you are asking how to ACTUALLY split them, then that's quite easy too, you simply get a craft knife/scalpel and slice a section at the base of the feather until you have enough to grip with two fingers on each hand, then you simply open up the split slowly and carefully with your fingers (like peeling a banana)

if you want to cover the head of a puppet with the ostrich feathers, I suggest you take a look at 'Arthurs' last puppetry post on his fraggle puppet, as it shows him attatching a length of feathers to his fraggle puppets head, but its very easy to accomplish too, as they come on a length of ribbon or cord, you have to glue that bit down and then make sure that they cord is covered by the next lot of feathers that you glue down, essentially overlapping the feathers over the ribbon.

If you want to know how to attach single feathers, I usually get the feather and fold over a small section of the base (stalk, where it goes into the birds skin) and literally push it into the fabric and foam of the puppets head, sometimes I will put a little glue on the inside of the bend just to be safe, however the bend is like a hook and is too thick to go any further into the puppets head, but at the same time as its a hook shape it will prevent it from coming back out, this works great with bare foam puppets, but as you imagine, it works better if the puppet is covered in a fabric, but if the puppet is only fabric with no foam under structure, then the same applies, but just use a blob of glue to secure it.

hope this helps you.
Re: osterich feathers how to glue Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Jun 11, 2013
I will sew it,i saw a turial on you tube ot was easy!
Re: osterich feathers how to glue Posted by kmh on Mar 07, 2016
Would hot glue work?
Re: osterich feathers how to glue Posted by pagestep007 on Apr 02, 2016
That's a really  good  way of doing individual feathers Jeezbo. It makes a lot of sense. I might try it.

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