A budding puppeteer? Posted by Chris Arveson on Jun 14, 2013
Message ImageMy little grandson, almost age 3 dug out my original puppet and brought it to me to play with him. First, why do kids always put their hands in a puppet's mouth?

After MacGillicuddy and he talked and played a little bit with another stuffed toy, Kaden then handed me the stuffed bunny, and asked for Mac. He put his little arm all the way up into the head, and insisted on getting hold of the arm rod so that he could manipulate the arm as well.

I couldn't be more pleased.
Re: A budding puppeteer? Posted by Shawn on Jun 15, 2013
Sounds like there is a budding puppeteer on the rise!
Re: A budding puppeteer? Posted by pagestep007 on Jun 15, 2013
oh yes! definitely get him involved.  sounds like good puppeteer material

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