Work less, Earn more and live a happier life Posted by Jungle joe on Jul 11, 2013
Hi folks, are you worried about your income and retirement policy? do you want to work less, earn more and live a happier life? do you want to add a new dimension to your performance business and be one of the best performers in your area?
Yes? then go through these amazing tips, I wrote them while consulting the Get Things Done formula by David Allen, these tips would help you become a super productive performer and would also assist you in organizing your shows and daily activities.

Here is the link: Learn how to become a super productive performer:
Re: Work less, Earn more and live a happier life Posted by Gail on Jul 12, 2013
That was interesting.  Funny at work they are always saying we need to multitask more.  I think that is code for "do the work of two people for the pay of half a person."  I am believer in being the person you were made to be rather that trying to be someone elses formula.  I am a narrow focus person, when I team up with a big picture multitasker we can get more done together than we could alone. That is part of the reason I love this puppet blog.  I am a better puppeteer because you all are brave enough to share your great ideas.

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