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Hand in mouth basics. Posted by Shawn on Jul 31, 2013
I kind of like this guys tutorial on making a puppet. I think he captures some of the very basic issues that new builders run into gives solutions.

Make sure and watch the end of the part two video. Has some great insights on using ping pong balls for eyes! Two things I've never heard of or thought of myself.
Re: Hand in mouth basics. Posted by Luck Dragon on Feb 20, 2017
Thanks for these! :D
Re: Hand in mouth basics. Posted by The Puppet Dude on Feb 23, 2017
Once he got away from the poor green screen, it was a pretty good training. Thanks for the links.
Re: Hand in mouth basics. Posted by SandPunk on Feb 27, 2017
THe green screen and MAx Headroom editing were a bit distracting, but the inclusion of a pattern is quite nice.
Good work all around.

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