Reality Show Auditions Posted by Shawn on Aug 01, 2013
Received this via email and thought I would pass it on.

Casting director Russell Berman is looking for puppeteers, special effects artists, creature creators, and character designers with skills including but not limited to puppetry, drawing, sculpting, painting, robotics, animatronics, fabrication, sewing and costume design for this new reality competition series. Artist at all levels are welcome to apply.

Artists chosen for the series will be challenged to design and build original creatures and sophisticated puppets, utilizing illustration, sculpting, fabrication, costume design and mechanization. The winning creature creator will receive a prize package worth up to $100,000, including an opportunity to work at a professional creature effects company.

Application deadline is Monday, august 19th, 2013. Legal US Residents only.

If you are interested you should contact Russell Berman at ASAP.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by Mr. Magilwood on Aug 01, 2013
Thanks Shawn, I am definitely interested, I just emailed him, fingers crossed.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by pagestep007 on Aug 05, 2013
do you think we will get a look at the  outcome at any time?
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by Shawn on Aug 05, 2013
Casting director did post on the Puppets and Stuff FB page, so I did ask that they keep us updated once they could release more information on the show itself. Not sure if they will follow up with that though since they are just the casting company.  I get the feeling it may show up on something like the SyFy network. Kind of fits their profile for shows. Of course there is always the chance that it would end up not even making it to air... you know how TV is. I hope if it does there will be some buzz in the puppet community and will hear about it. Keep your ears open folks.

P.S. If Arthur (he mentioned on FB he had applied) or Magilwood make the show hopefully they will let us know.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by ArthurS on Aug 06, 2013
Sorry, I am still around. I got injured and was out of work for 11 weeks. Had a lot of time to do puppets, but not much ability to get back to the computer room on crutches.

I Haven't head anything more on the auditions. I sent my app, resume and pics last week and just sent my video last night.  So hopefully soon.  Really depends on the level of expertise they are looking for.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by Na on Aug 09, 2013
Posted on PuppetVision:
"NBC Universal is casting a reality competition show for SFX artists, Creature Creators, Character Designers and puppetry artists. If you love creating creatures, want national TV exposure and the chance to win $100,000 in prizes contact producer Russell Berman for more information."
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by Shawn on Aug 09, 2013
Ahh NBC Universal... I bet it is going to air on the SYFY network then.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by Na on Aug 10, 2013
Is this "Master Chef" but for puppeteers then?

EDIT: Hmm... is it called Master Chef over there? I can't remember...
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by Shawn on Aug 10, 2013
Yes kind of like that Na or even more like "Face Off" (makeup artist competition) I would say which is a current SyFy show.

Yeah I think they call it "Master Chef" or at least one of them is. There are quite a few versions out there now I think.
Re: Reality Show Auditions Posted by PieroniPuppets on Aug 10, 2013
I requested more info a few days ago. They sent me all the application stuff in an email. Got to reading the fine print and decided against. Yeah, It is legit. Says finalist transportation, food, etc. all taken care of and yes there is a 100,000 dollar award for the winner BUT you sign away your rights to EVERYTHING to these people. Even if you dont win they could take a character or what not that you create, keep it the same or change it and then use it indefinitely. Essentially they can take any of your products, ideas, likenessess etc and make a series with it and owe you NOTHING!    yeah, winning $100,000 bucks is awesome but whoever signs up and can win this probably has the ability to take their ideas/products and go much further on their own wihtout signing over ALL rights. Without some producers/executives making all the royalties. And you waive your right to take any legal action against them if for some reason there is any reason for that. 
I just dont know!!!   I mean the exposure would be great..... But someone has the real chance of losing a lot of all money.
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