Fox Puppet Video Posted by Shunaka on Sep 03, 2013
Greetings Everyone,

Here is a video of Funky Fox on his first outing.  This is casual walk-around puppetry, no scripts and entirely improv.  Also, since this was a furry fan meet-up,  a lot of interactions are with interesting comparison of the two styles of performing. My puppeteering technique was basically 'hiding in plain sight' by having the puppet as active as possible and engaging the audience.

The sound quality is off, we filtered the best we could.  Next time we'll have digital sound recorders.


Re: Fox Puppet Video Posted by Shawn on Sep 04, 2013
Good job! Your puppetry technique is prefect.  I think folks are very willing to suspend their believe with puppets.  Like his voice. Not to take away from your creation but there where some really nice fursuites in the video also.  I would say your creation is right up there with them.
Re: Fox Puppet Video Posted by Shunaka on Sep 05, 2013
Thanks Shawn!  There are some outstanding fursuit builders out there, check out Beetlecat and Beastcub for some of the best. It was fursuiting that actually got me into puppets,  I had been a fursuiter for quite a while when I decided that 1) it gets too darn hot in those things 2) they don't have a voice 3) I had more characters I wanted to create then I had time to build as suits (seeing as it takes 60-80 hours per suit). 

Re: Fox Puppet Video Posted by pagestep007 on Sep 09, 2013
...can't wait to  get a connection I can watch video on!

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