Publication of Children's Outreach Posted by pagestep007 on Sep 09, 2013
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Hi All. Here is an inquiry. Does anyone know anything about these two publications? Two very good books by 'Children's Outreach'. A grandmother I met over internet, here in NZ, sent them to my mother some years ago, and now is off the  radar. I now have these copies. I was wanting to know if it is OK to use them (since they are copies) the originals are somewhere with the grandma.I have a ministry in Colombia wanting a sheep, and the pattern in one of the books would  foot the  bill quite nicely. Does anyone know how I could get permission to use them? Thanks.
Re: Publication of Children's Outreach Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 09, 2013
I have these books. If this isn't terribly time sensitive, I would gladly mail them to you, so that you can work from originals.
Re: Publication of Children's Outreach Posted by Na on Sep 09, 2013
You wouldn't get into trouble for selling the puppet I wouldn't think, only if you started selling the pattern. This is the same for most people who sell patterns: they expect you to use the pattern to make a puppet, even for sale, but they don't want you to re-sell the pattern as that takes money/potential sales from them.
Re: Publication of Children's Outreach Posted by Shawn on Sep 10, 2013
Na is right there is no reason why you should not use the patterns to make a puppet.  Now that grandmother though is in a lot of trouble for duplicating and sending them to you.   Just kidding.  More then likely the company is no longer around. Google is no use because every church and children's organization use the term "Children's Outreach".

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