Greetings from the world of Cadachia :P Posted by Cadachia on Sep 30, 2013
Hello everyone. My name is Cadachia and I have 4 puppets. I haven't made any of them and am still trying to figure out what puppets to make. All of my puppets names and breeds are a typical 1992 Sherri Lewis Lambchop puppet, a Folkmanis white rabbit named Carl or Carlos at faires, a Folkmanis portugese water dog named Maria, and newly to my little puppet family, is a black and white squirrel woodbaby named Allie. Each has their own story and will name them down below:

I was walking home from the public library when I walked by a used shop. I figured I had nothing to lose and walked in. I walked around the little shop and soon found her laying down where she would hardly be noticed. I picked her up and found her a little dirty and aged but that was to be expected with how old she was. Lucky for me, I had the money with me and got her out of the shop. A couple months later, I found out the shop closed down, so I guess it is a good thing she is with me. ^.^

I was at the Renn Fest (can't spell the full word for Renn    ) for my 18th birthday and was walking around with my boyfriend at the time. We came across a puppet shop which was abnormal for me to find there. We walked in and I automatically seen Carl. It was love at first sight for a human and puppet. I bought him with my birthday money and he comes with me every other faire, interrupted with Maria's visits. When he is not at the faire, when he plays the role of the quiet friendly bunny, he has an attitude. He is your typical show bunny and tends to have your typical sibling arguments with Maria. He sounds a bit gruntish with his voice and never known him to laugh yet. We are still working on it.

This was the following year after Carl came home with me and it was really hot, so I decided to leave him home so he didn't start shedding. I was walking around with my sister and my mom this year since my boyfriend broke up with me a few months prior. We walked around and I found the puppet shop again. I walked in to see what was new and seen Maria. Being a big puppet, the size of an actual puppy, I was hesitant to be honest. I picked her up and looked into her pretty brown eyes and fell in love again. I had a seasonal job a few weeks prior of the faire and decided to get her. That was the year that my sister got her woodbaby, Rubeson. I seen every puppet that was in there and again, my weak spot broke open again. But without money, I left it for another time. When Maria is not in the faire with me, where she plays the calm pup (if there is a such thing ), she is the clown between her and Carl. She will try to make you laugh if possible and will have a conversation with you. She'll chuckle if she gets super excited. Only time her anger flares is with Carl, who just seems to get under her fur.

Allie is the woodbaby for the other time. I just got her a couple of days ago at the faire (again lol)and I was dead set on getting a woodbaby. Plus it was a good thing I left Maria and Carl home this year since it was in the 80's (no basket to hold either in). I wondered around with my mother, since it was just her and I this year. Finally I found someone with one on his shoulder and asked where he had gotten it. He pointed to the shop and I thanked him and directed my mom in the same direction. I seen all of the ones there and found Allie. I was thrilled to have found her and I bought her straight away. I found out when we were getting my metal plate sized that this was the last year that they were going to be selling them. So after such, I was double happy I have gotten her.

Well, there we are. Now that you know a bit about me and all about the stories about my puppet family, as mismatched as we are lol, I hope that I will have the pleasure in meeting people here with the same puppet interests and compare notes lol. Pleased to have talked and hope to talk later with you.
Re: Greetings from the world of Cadachia :P Posted by Shawn on Sep 30, 2013
Welcome Cadachia to PandS! Make yourself at home.  Love your back stories of your puppets!

P.S. Ren Fest is just fine in my opinion... Like you I can never remember how to spell it and hey it is what I always call it.   I am a Renny from way back.
Re: Greetings from the world of Cadachia :P Posted by Cadachia on Sep 30, 2013
Thank you Shawn and will do. Fun for me is I love to write stories about my puppets lol. ^.^ I just currently made a collar for Allie and decided to show a pic of her and her new "gem of power" but haven't figured it out yet.

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