Hey there, evryone! Posted by Arachanox on Nov 13, 2013
So uh.. I kinda feel like I'm almost in an AA meeting lol. "Hey there.. I'm Jon.. and I'm a puppeteer" ..."Hey Jon!" haha I'm new to this website. I'm kinda getting use to it. I have been doing puppetry for about 10 years. If you wanna know more information, Please check out my profile, or just ask me! If anyone has questions or willing to share ideas/tips or anything like that, please let me know!

I'm glad there are people out there who still love Puppets! 
Re: Hey there, evryone! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 13, 2013
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff Jon! while you may new to the website you are not new to puppetry. We value your input and expertise. Feel free to jump right in and make yourself at home.
Re: Hey there, evryone! Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Nov 14, 2013
Hi Jon. Welcome, we are glad you've joined us.

Re: Hey there, evryone! Posted by Shawn on Nov 14, 2013
Welcome to PandS Jon. So glad you joined us.

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