New show, "No, you shut up" Posted by Gail on Nov 16, 2013
New puppet show on television, Fusion network, "No, you shut up" with comedian Paul Thompkins.  We saw two episodes and they were so funny.  I love the Buzzard, and the "elephant in the room". It is like a news show but off the wall. I don't know how Paul keeps a straight face with that dialogue.  

I found this link of interview where they have a short clip at 3:44, about 3/4 of the way thru the interview  (not the best clip). They said it was 9:30 on Fridays, we happened upon it in the morning Nov. 11th I think. I remember the credits saying Henson Alternative.

Clip of interview Paul F Tompkins
Re: New show, "No, you shut up" Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Nov 17, 2013
I wondered if that might be a HA! project.
Re: New show, "No, you shut up" Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 18, 2013
To Bad my service provider does not carry Fusion Network!
Re: New show, "No, you shut up" Posted by Gail on Nov 19, 2013
Yes we recorded a couple more and the credits said HA!  I think I have seen some of the same puppets on Puppet Up show.  I think this Fusion network is pretty new on Cable.  Paul said in the interview that it was hard to do improv with puppets because you cannot read their expressions to prepare for their responses. It was a news panel with pundits, I thought it was scripted, if it was improv they were very smooth.  It worked well.

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