Hello there! Posted by Ruffus The Dog on Nov 16, 2013
Hi folks!

I'm Ruffus The Dog and I live in Toronto but you can more easily find me on the web where all our original shows have been posted and where we are releasing new works.

Me and my friends have a lot of fun doing our shows and we get a lot of help from a gang of puppeteers and puppet builders who have worked for Jim Henson's Muppets and produced a bunch of their own shows (including mine) like The Big Comfy Couch and a whole lot of others.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing what we know.

Re: Hello there! Posted by Shawn on Nov 17, 2013
Was just checking out some of the other projects listed on your... I mean the man behind... ahh well you know... sites.  Really like "In Teh Toobs" also. Tried to check out "Chicken Players" but the link was not working.  

Looking forward to watching more of your stuff. Welcome to PandS!
Re: Hello there! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 18, 2013
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!
Re: Hello there! Posted by pagestep007 on Nov 18, 2013
Same here Shawn. The chicken Players link didn't work for me either. Rufus, you  seem to be a busy dog. The steampunk  project  looks very interesting.

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