Ruffus The Dog Posted by Ruffus The Dog on Nov 16, 2013
Ruffus The Dog can be found online at:

We started out on broadcast television and won a bunch of awards.  When our producers got the rights back they decided to put all the original TV shows online for free and to start making new works for release online.  One of the first things we did for the web was our own version of A Christmas Carol and you can watch it online for free at:

There are 2 new projects we're working on that we hope to release next year.  The first of these is the Ruffus Steampunk Adventure - we raised a bit of money through IndieGoGo and when the frest of the funding comes into place we'll start shooting.  The IndieGoGo campaign is already finished but you can watch our pitch video here: 

The second project is called Ruffus Rhymes - similar to our original storybook series but with shorter episodes and playing around with all the classic Mother Goose Rhymes.  As soon as we finish editing the pilot we'll be sure to post it here.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone, getting their thoughts on our work and answering whatever questions we can.

Take care.
Re: Ruffus The Dog Posted by The Director on Nov 16, 2013
Patsy Hoolahan as subbed.
Re: Ruffus The Dog Posted by pagestep007 on Nov 17, 2013
...subbed too. Wow , cool stuff! Congratulations. Man, I'd like to pick your brains. I hope you are open to it.
Re: Ruffus The Dog Posted by Shawn on Nov 17, 2013
Great trailer and the  other project sounds really fun also. Can't wait to hear more from you!
Re: Ruffus The Dog Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Nov 17, 2013
Very impressive. Beautiful graphics.

Re: Ruffus The Dog Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 18, 2013
Great job on the trailer! can't wait to see all the other fun projects.
Re: Ruffus The Dog Posted by Starship Sassafrass on Feb 23, 2015
Big Ruffus fan! Just curious if there are any updates on this Steampunk project? Looks great!

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