Re-introduction! Posted by Mujician on Dec 14, 2013
   I've been here before, however life got in the way, I think now I've struck a balance so I can afford more time for things I want to do! So I'm here for two reasons:- I want to make some cool looking puppets, but I fear my first one might not look so good! Also I want to learn ventriloquism. I think I'm fairly good at keeping my mouth still, but not so good at pronouncing B or P yet!
So the more I look, the more I realise I need to be able to source supplies in the uk. Shipping from the states is quite expensive. If anyone can point me in the right direction for buying materials in the uk I would be very grateful. I might bite the bullet though and but my first puppet plan from project puppet. Can anyone recommend and easy one to get started with or are they all the same difficulty level?
Many thanks, Ben
Re: Re-introduction! Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Dec 14, 2013
Ben, glad you are back. Yes, project Puppet is a great place to start. For an approximate 19-21" puppet I'd suggest one of the pattern from the Forma series, such as the Rotondo. I belived they also sell a pattern for legs and feet.

Re: Re-introduction! Posted by Shawn on Dec 14, 2013
I'll second Julie's endorsement of Project Puppet patterns. A good pattern can go a long way in making your first puppet look nice. Be patient and keep your edges and seems clean and you'll get good results.

For supplies have a look at she sells the antron fleece when she can get it shipped. She also sells barge for gluing the foam if you are not going to use glue gun. She may have some other products if you contact here. She is a member;u=996 but looks like she has not visited in awhile. Might be better to contact here via her site.

For foam check out these threads.,7574.0.html,991.0.html

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