Facebook Help Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jan 04, 2014
From Facebook's information on how to have a business account...I started a personal Facebook account then started an Out of the Box Puppets page.  Here's where I'm confused.  If I go to any other busness' facebook page the url show www.facebook.com/companyname, but when you go to Out of the Box Puppets page it show www.facebook.com/pages/OutoftheBoxPuppets/ a bunch of numbers that is my page location.

The reason Question it is because when I do a search of facebook for our business name without signing in it says page not found.   Would someone please search for us to see what you find.

Second....do I invite people to Friend my personal site and if so, how will they find the business page.

Third...is there a way to invite just a few people to like the business page? All i can find is something that wants me to upload a full email contact list.

I am so confused.
Re: Facebook Help Posted by Gail on Jan 04, 2014
I don't know much about business accounts on FB but when I did a search (in Facebook itself not web search)of your name I got two hits and both were websearch results and none of them were your facebook page. I never found your facebook site but I did find link to your regular business page in those links.
Re: Facebook Help Posted by TygerMin on Jan 04, 2014
The biggest pain is that the business page is just a page of your personal account.  That is, it can't do much.  It can't invite friends, send PM's (to my knowledge), or write on walls.  To advertise without paying, your personal account must share and invite people to "like" or "follow" the business page.  

To change web address:

Edit Page --> Edit Settings --> Page Info --> FaceBook Web Address.  You should be able to edit it there.  

I am new to it, and struggled to set mine up.  But I will attempt to answer any other questions you have.
Re: Facebook Help Posted by FleeceNFluff on Jan 05, 2014
Facebook and Google Plus make things much more complicated than they have to be. Our address is just http://www.facebook.com/fleecenfluff. Sometimes it adds a bunch of gobbledygook at the end but that stuff isn't necessary.
Re: Facebook Help Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Jan 05, 2014
Posted by: TygerHawks on Jan 04, 2014
To change web address:
Edit Page --> Edit Settings --> Page Info --> FaceBook Web Address.  You should be able to edit it there.  
yes this should work to change you Facebook web address. Just add to these instructions that you need to be on your facebook business page and use the update page info tab just underneath your page banner. I missed out on getting the url i wanted as it was taken and had to add oz on the end so mine is now https://www.facebook.com/thepuppetworkshopoz cannot see why you wouldnt get what you want for yours.
Facebook business pages are limited as to what they can do and its all because Facebook want you to pay for advertising. However if you get enough "likers" or followers you can pretty much achieve anything. You can start by sharing with your personal friends and asking them to share your business page and so on. You can share your business page by going to your facebook business page and using the drop down on the far right where the cog icon is. And then just hover and click on the share section you will then be prompted if you want to share on page you manage, your own personal timeline, groups you are a part of or on a friends timeline. This is all you can really do until you get your own following. Alternatively you can use your own website or other forums and drop the Facebook URL to help boost your followers/likers.
I dont know heaps about Facebook but I know enough to get by and have 3 Facebook pages with a collective following of about 12,200 over the 3 in the last 4 years so i have been doing ok. LOL
Let me know if i can be of any further help.

Re: Facebook Help Posted by Na on Jan 05, 2014
Social plugins are your best friends. Add the code to your website:
(That link is to the like button, but you'll find other things in the sidebar on the left)

I don't actually enjoy using Facebook and I'm more of a Twitter person, so I've decided for my next project not to have a Facebook page at all. I don't even use FB for a personal thing anyway.

I am suspicious these days of the idea that one needs to be on every single social network in existence to get your message out. I know this is common knowledge for online marketing and people use and prefer different sites - which is why you want to cover as many bases as possible - but I can't see the benefit personally. It gives you yet another thing you have to promote, instead of just promoting your own website/whatever. You have to waste time fiddling with it and keeping it up-to-date. You don't necessarily gain a larger audience, depending on whether your target market is more on FB compared to say, Pinterest.

This time around I'm just going to use the sites I enjoy using and expect my audience to come to me, rather than me having to placate them. A little experiment

Anyway, back on topic:

I typed in "out of the box puppets" in the search and got nothing. The URL you provide is indeed dead. Even the page for "out of the box" search results didn't seem to list it.
Re: Facebook Help Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Jan 05, 2014
Oh I typed in "Out of the Box Puppets" in Facebook search and found you very easily. I think you will find that if you have yours self with Capitals in your title people have more chance of finding you if they also use capital as opposed to typing "out of the box puppets"
Re: Facebook Help Posted by Na on Jan 05, 2014
That's odd. I just tried typing it with capitals and didn't find anything.
Re: Facebook Help Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Jan 05, 2014
Re: Facebook Help Posted by Shawn on Jan 05, 2014
I used your buissness name with capitols and got your FB page with the new URL https://www.facebook.com/OutoftheBoxPuppets Looks like maybe you took TygerHawks suggestions and made the change in settings. Seemed to find you in lower case search also.  Not sure why it did not come up for Na.  Might just take some time to show up for everyone.

You can comment, like etc on other pages but you first have to use the small cog settings icon to the far top right to change who you are posting as. Look under "Use Facebook As".  Also if you have not done that and want to re-share something you should see an option to share as your page instead of yourself when you do. Comes in handy when you are not on FB and a website has linked in like I have on the PandS home page.

P.S. I posted on your page as the FB Puppets and Stuff page and then shared your new link on our page over there.

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