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Ok I saw your site from the direct link and I bookmarked it, but still even after that I cannot get your site to show up when searching Facebook search with Out of the Box Puppets or Puppets or Puppets for sale.  Strange. 
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Posted by: Out of the Box Puppets on Jan 06, 2014
Can I just insert that link into my homepage on the admin side of my website? And will it take people to the Out of the Box Puppets Page?

As Shawn said, you can just add the URL to the page (or the plugins, see below) in your website code somewhere depending on how your Cubecart thing functions you may need to use a HTML block in the backend or actually add it to the template code in your file system.

I'd recommend avoiding just adding the link and using a like button or box. The advantage is that people are lazy and can 'like' the page directly from your website instead of adding an extra step to the process - making them leave your site and go to FB to do it. Remember, the aim is to get people to stay on your site to buy stuff, not leave it and get distracted

If you add people's faces to the like button or box then it may have an added influence, as people can see who else likes you and be encouraged by your popularity. I've found that having a like box on my website directly got more FB likes that I wouldn't have had otherwise just having a link to the FB page. This is true of other social networking sites too, if you have one of their plugins (see the twitter and youtube boxes here: on your page you're more likely to have interest in those accounts. When I had just a link to the social network account I got maybe a handful of likes every few months. When I added the box, I got twice or three times as many.

Another thing is something Shawn hinted at. If you add "share this" buttons, you'll find people will be encouraged to email/tweet/FB/whatever things they like on your site. I use Addthis, It just gives you a bit of code you insert into your template - say, somewhere near your product description - and that's it. Once it's inserted it allows people to send to their social network accounts. This is really useful because someone may not want to buy immediately but email themselves as a reminder to check it out later; tweet to a friend who is looking for something; etc.

So if I had that set up here (really should do this on PandS) and someone was reading a forum thread that they really liked they could easily click a button here and share it over at FB on their timeline. That really does you more good because it might get FB readers to come to your actual site.

Yes indeed. I found if I had a regular regime of posting links to my website, I got a lot of new hits. I did a "this is what is popular this week" at least once a week, depending on how many things I found were popular (Addthis stats tell you). Or I would post a "this is my favourite product" or "this is new". Not enough to be spammy, but enough to encourage interest once in a while. Doing this with informative news updates rather than products was more important because people tended to retweet or like on FB a lot. So having share buttons really gets people to notice a lot more than if you don't have them.

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How is his done?


This is slightly more complicated. RSS is something that usually comes with a blog or update/email feature.

It's no different than having an email newsletter function on your website, like what you have currently on the right-hand side. The only difference is that because my site is a blog it uses RSS which just notifies people every time I update my website.

If you don't want to go through Mailchimp, then here's something really really really easy to do.

1. Post updates to FB page as you normally do.
2. Get yourself a Feedburner account.
3. Create a new feed using this url of your FB page. This one and no other one because otherwise it won't work.
4. In Feedburner, you'll be asked to add a name and URL. Call it whatever you want. Once created, you can continue editing the feedburner stuff. I recommend pressing 'next' and selecting feedburner to count clickthroughs and 'I want more' stuff (it's explained on that page). Then continue to the main feedburner area, and find the 'optimize' tab.
5. Once there, choose the 'browser friendly' option and select all of the different subscription options (or only the ones you want), and if you want to you can change the way the feed is presented. Choose the 'smart friendly' option and activate it. You can if you want use the 'feedflare' service, that encourages people to share your posts via email and whatnot.
6. Now go to the 'publicize' tab. Choose the 'email subscriptions' and activate it. I recommend you select the option to be emailed when people unsubscribe; copy the code and use it for your email signature (doing so increased my readership greatly); change the email address in the 'communication preferences' (because people can reply to it); and edit the email message if you want. You can do other things in the email branding area, like upload a logo or whatever. Delivery options sets a time of day when updates get sent out. I find that doing updates around 10am is a good time; just after people get to work, but not before they've settled in for the day. Now go to the 'pingshot' service and activate it.
7. I also recommend subscribing to the 'feedmedic' option - this notifies you when there are problems with your feed. Find the subscription option for that by clicking the 'my feeds' link at top right of the page, then scrolling down to the feedmedic link under your feeds list.
8. Add email signature to your email, sign-up form to your website.

9. Celebrate the fact that you didn't add more work for yourself: update FB page; update your subscribers via email at the same time without having to do anything extra.

(Instructions of how to find RSS feed of FB via
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Thanks NA. I'm going to have to find time to throughly study your instructions,  this stuff does not come naturally for me. Usually I can figure instructions out though.

Re: Facebook Help Posted by Na on Jan 08, 2014
Posted by: Out of the Box Puppets on Jan 08, 2014
Thanks NA. I'm going to have to find time to throughly study your instructions,  this stuff does not come naturally for me. Usually I can figure instructions out though.


No probs. Feedburner should be somewhat self-explanatory once you get there, you may need more info on adding the email signature or the sign-up box though. If you need help, just let me know and I'll walk you through it.
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I like your FBook page
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Success, today I searched by Puppets and finally your site link popped up and at the top of the list.  I was beginning to feel senile. I hope you get lots of traffic.
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Thanks Billy.

Yay, Snail glad you found us.


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