Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Gail on Jan 06, 2014
Animatronic Beaker puppet instructions found on web called Beaker-Bot.  I got the instructions to download and saved it to a WORD document,  BUT WARNING!   it also downloaded several other files I did not want and it took me all evening to remove them all.  One called We-Care ironically installed in the startup so it kept reinstalling until I found them all with my husband's help.  Funny it said "thank you for contributing to our charity" that was scary.  The interesting part of the instructions is that they use one of those "Douglas Fir singing trees" for the voice activated movements and it worked pretty well with any music, pretty cool.  I bet those Christmas Trees might be on sale now.  I have to make one of these for my Chemist husband.  But what song should he sing? He tests drinking water so we need a song about water, or blowing up things.  I did not want to include the link here as I can't recommend using it again, but if you search by Beaker-Bot you can probably see the demo.  Shawn since this was a free download what do you think the rules are about sharing these instructions with others the Word doc I made, that does not have the malicious add ons?
Re: Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Shawn on Jan 07, 2014
Where did you find these instructions?  I found some over at the Instructables website and it was copyrighted so if that is where you found it then no you could not re-post it. I will go ahead and include the link to that site since it should be safe.  If you got the instructions from there let me know and I'll remove the link.
Re: Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Gail on Jan 07, 2014
Yes it was from Instructable the 12 step link, not the pdf for members.  I went back and saw that it said All rights reserved so I will not share them.  They were free download with extra unwanted files.  I was surprised that our malware software did not catch those extra files.  You can see the puppet video without the download, he is cool.
Re: Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Shawn on Jan 08, 2014
Ahh, I see that kind of makes sense I guess. If you are not a paying member then they are going to want to add in something that would make them money with the download.  I doubt it was "harmful" but could very well be annoying and display ads of some sort. I only saw the pdf download for members. I was able to see all the steps in the browser without downloading anything so didn't really care about a down load.
Re: Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Gail on Jan 09, 2014
So membership's rewards are clean downloads. I agree I don't think they were stealing my identity, just redirecting my browser to what they want me to buy.  I would like to be warned so that I could decide if that pattern was worth the extra trouble.  Thanks for checking it out, did you like the plan? Seemed like a pretty heavy build but pretty good looking for a first build.
Re: Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Shawn on Jan 10, 2014
Yes I thought there was some good information in the tutorial. I think if folks don't download anything but simply have a look a the web pages they should be ok.
Re: Animatronic Beaker-Bot Warning Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jan 10, 2014
Thanks Guys!

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