New puppet. (Jim is back) Posted by Arachanox on Jan 13, 2014
So it has been a while since I have done anything with Jim. I took along break over the Holidays. But now he's back and ready for action. I'm gonna do my best to get him out and about. Gonna get him to visit new people and do more activities as well. And he now has a new friend to tag along, Daniel Hootay, His sock.
which he has come to life and seek revenge on Jim for having such stinky feet. He is brave and witty, But can also be a total whimp. And of course his biggest fear and enemy is Feet.

I would like to have feedback on the new character and different ideas about him, as I am developing this new character. Any tips and or comments will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Here is the new video introducing Daniel Hootay (Jim's Stanky sock)

Re: New puppet. (Jim is back) Posted by yalaurie on Jan 16, 2014
His 'stach is awesome. The steal sock is also a really fun idea. Nice job.
Re: New puppet. (Jim is back) Posted by Arachanox on Jan 17, 2014
Thank you! His 'Stach is his signature look. Lol.

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