Cosplay Sesame Posted by TygerMin on Jan 26, 2014
I am trying to determine what costume to work on next and am seeking some input.  I do know that I want to incorporate a puppet into it, and keep with the theme of dressing up as something that is dressing up.  

One thought is the Joker, done as a monster puppet:

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My hesitation with this one is the suit, might need to save some money for it.  

The other thought is Bruno and Oscar, but I can't seem to figure out what they would dress up as.  In your opinion, who do you think Oscar would idolize enough to dress up as?

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Re: Brainstorming next project Posted by TygerMin on Jan 26, 2014
And after I post this, stumble upon an idea.

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Oscar likes to mess with people.  So, maybe he wears a Star Trek uniform while residing in R2, and maybe I drop Bruno and Gandalf carries Oscar. 
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by TygerMin on Jan 29, 2014
Ok, I have settled on Oscar.  So, now research into creation begins.  I am having trouble locating the right fur.  The closest I have found is though it isn't dark enough.  Also, for pattern, it looks like the Mostro pattern would be best from project puppet, though I would want the Borsa hand instructions as well.  Eyes look like spoon eyes.  Though, the thing that really makes Oscar is the moving eyebrow. 
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by Shawn on Jan 30, 2014
That looks like a pretty good match on the fur for him.  Don't forget it could actually be a bit darker. Shades and colors on the screen never match real life.   You can get a swatch of it for $1.49  if they have a min on orders get some swatches of other furs. This one says the swatch is 2" x 6".  Heck that is enough for eyebrows or a mustache on a puppet so they wouldn't be wasted.
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by TygerMin on Jan 31, 2014
Good points, swatch ordered.  Didn't see a good brown for the eyebrows, though I can find that locally.  Have finally settled on Oscar himself.  R2 would be fun, but going full Doctor Who.  Oscar will be in a poorly painted Tardis sporting a fez, bow tie, and a sonic screwdriver.  Not sure how to do Bruno yet, maybe a cheap Cyberman costume or thought about going Amy Pond in the police outfit., the Tardis can be carried by an astronaut

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Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by Gail on Jan 31, 2014
Ha Like the Tardis trash can, both bigger on the inside.
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by Na on Jan 31, 2014
Love the TARDIS idea!
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by Shawn on Feb 01, 2014
Great Idea! Love it! This should be a big hit.
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by TygerMin on Feb 01, 2014
Thanks   Sitting at my work computer wanting to start building   I think I am going to use foam core for the Tardis, believe it might be ligt enough and easier to sculpt.  Regarding Oscar, does anyone know how many yards I might need for a Borsa type pattern?  Wont be able to buy the patterns until the end of the month, and I want to get the fabric ordered to come in around the same time. 
Re: Oscar the Grouch Posted by Shawn on Feb 02, 2014
The fur is 60 inches wide so I doubt you'll need more then two yards.  That being said I always normally purchased 2 1/2 to 3 yards of fur when ever I made a fur puppet like what you are doing.  I tend to the excess.

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