Smoking Puppets Posted by Furfaces on Feb 19, 2014
Three year old Bear Bear has a smoking problem. He enjoys his Marlboro cigarettes in the bathroom. But something goes terribly wrong when Fat Cat tries to convince him the dangers of smoking.

Also if anyone has a setup where the puppet can take a drag in a wide shot I'd be interested in more info.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave any feedback.


Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by Andrew on Feb 24, 2014
You might want to check out this link for ideas...maybe just don't blow the smoke yourself!
Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by Jorge on Feb 24, 2014
Blowing talcum powder can be also an alternative
Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by Chris Arveson on Feb 26, 2014
An e-cigarette with a long plastic tube for you to use?
Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by The Director on Mar 02, 2014
LOL!  My first reaction was, "That's terrible to have a puppet smoke"  Then I realized that my character "Millie Haskins" was addicted to prescription drugs, tried bath salts and ate a cat, dated a vampire, an abusive noodle puppet, was thrown out of her church and I planned to have her start smoking.  Just haven't gotten there yet.
Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by pagestep007 on Mar 08, 2014
Tragic... My two brothers have just quit... after 50 years. It has knocked 10 years off their looks already, not  to mention how much healthier they are now, and they might not die quite as soon as expected.

Oh yes The Director.. Millie has had a sad background....She is still a worry.
Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by Furfaces on Mar 23, 2014
Wow I had one idea so many of you commented here! I like the ideas. I guess just need to find the right tubing... I have refrigerator tubing but its so stiff.  Need to find rubber. I had to look up Talcum powder and its pretty cancerous. The e-cigarrete sounds good shouldn't burn the puppet   Thanks guys! I plan on using the smoking bear character again!

Thats funny Director. Millie's been through a lot! After all that, none of it effected her singing voice though lol

Hey pagestep007, glad your brothers quit. I don't smoke in real life. Just as a gimmick to practice a new voice. So whenever he smokes he has a scratchy voice. 

Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by The Director on Mar 23, 2014
I hope this doesn't offend you but I was a bit disappointed that you had your bear puppet using the F word in the sock puppet video.  Maybe because they seem so innocent it was hard to accept and your videos are great without it.
Re: Smoking Puppets Posted by Furfaces on Mar 24, 2014
No worries, I got that reaction from a lot of people! I guess it was too noticeable and stuck out. It was actually the cat though :P. I really appreciate you watching my videos. 

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