Best trimmers for faux fur? Posted by cathicks on Feb 24, 2014
Hey guys,

I'm looking for recommendations for the best kind of electric hair clippers to buy to shave faux fur. I'm hoping to buy something that will stand the test of time against the plastic fibers or perhaps a trimmer with cheap blade replacements. I've heard dog fur trimmers are the way to go. Trying not to spend more than around $60 but I'm not sure if that will get me good enough quality.

Using scissors is not working for me. See the crappy uneven trimming in the hands in the photo below. Looks really unprofessional.    I've also tried thinning combs. I'm too impatient.

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Is anyone using anything that they like and has lasted a while?? Any recs would be greatly appreciated!
Re: Best trimmers for faux fur? Posted by Shunaka on Feb 24, 2014
I use a Conair hair clipper I picked up at Target about 4 years ago-  still going strong after cutting lots of faux fur.   These days a consumer grade clipper shouldn't cost more then $40 or so, I've seen some Oster clippers for around $70, which would be worth it.  Make sure you get a corded clipper, the rechargeable ones are not worth the money. 

The trick for making clippers work on faux fur is liberal use a clipper lube/cooler like Oster Kool Lube, the spray keeps the blades from melting the fibers. Also, clean the blades often again to prevent fiber sticking.
Re: Best trimmers for faux fur? Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Feb 25, 2014
I use Oster clippers and paid around the $270 mark for. Mind you I cut my schnauzer with them too so dual purpose. They are super awesome and cut through anything.

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