Puppets on Community Posted by Na on Mar 09, 2014
So by luck I happened to discover the puppet episode of 'Community' today. I thought it was really quite good. The puppets weren't great likenesses, except for a couple of them (Hawthorne was probably the best likeness), but I thought the performances were great and the songs were really fun. I like that they only had blinking eyes for one puppet (Jeff) which added to the character and didn't overdo the effect.

I'm a latecomer to the show but like the series overall and I think this episode was a great example of TV shows doing puppetry.
Re: Posted by DrPuppet on Mar 10, 2014
I agree loved this episode.  Does anyone know who built them. Oh Na did you catch the Abeds puppets eyes could turn left and right?

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Re: Puppets on Community Posted by Na on Mar 10, 2014
I don't know who built them. Oddly, I didn't think to watch the credits for it.

And I didn't notice Abed's eyes!

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