Ultimate Paper Mache Website Posted by kyledixondesigns on Mar 26, 2014
Hey there, everyone!  I just stumbled on this website...Ultimate Paper Mache.  It wouldn't surprise me if it's been posted on here before.  This lady's work is pretty incredible.  She also posts her own recipes for paper clay, etc., along with video tutorials.  I can see how some of these techniques would totally come in handy in puppet-building world!  Enjoy!

Re: Ultimate Paper Mache Website Posted by pagestep007 on Apr 03, 2014
Yes, this is a great site, with some good stuff on it (she seems to be a nice lady...very creative). I found it several years back, and used the recipes. I did find that the flour component of the paper mache clay went off and smelly after a while in the container, so you could not  make a big batch to keep  for very long. So, recently  I  tried simplifying the  recipe and took out the flour. I have just checked my bucket of stuff, and it is still good after a month in the bucket. I have done a tutorial on it, and also for using it in miniatures. It uses a reasonable amount of glue , so I use it  for  texturing rather than thick  things.

Re: Ultimate Paper Mache Website Posted by gompie on Apr 16, 2014
great site Thanks kyledixondesigns
Re: Ultimate Paper Mache Website Posted by Sandra on Aug 19, 2014
Awesome website, I will try this recipe and who knows, I may be able to create my marionette with these paper mache recipe's. Great find, thank you for sharing!

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