Re: Help needed Posted by Na on May 06, 2014
Posted by: ArthurS on May 05, 2014
Not sure what you mean exactly on 'wide mouth' but I make and sell.  You can find some of my work at".  I have a lot more inventory right now, I am just waiting until after PUPPETCOrN'.  Then I'll post them on Etsy.

"Wide mouth" seems to be a term invented by non-puppetry hired writers and/or hobby bloggers to refer to muppet-style puppets. It's something you'll see pop up in a lot of searches for puppets, despite not actually being used by anyone within puppetry itself. I assume it has something to do with muppet-type puppets having the appearance of a 'wide mouth' when the mouth is open and the people who use the term not knowing or bothering to find out what people really call them. It's a surprisingly popular search term.


Glad you found a solution!

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