Some weekend bargins Posted by Angel in Tx on Apr 19, 2014
I went shopping yesterday and yard sale shopping today and I'm happy to have found a few things.

Yesterday at Hobby Lobby I found these for 40% off:
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I'll use them for eyes.

The usual suspects:
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They weren't on sale, but I always buy them when I'm there since I don't get to go often.

Today at yard sales I found a puppet size McDonald's cup, and small clip light
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Some wire and a smaller staple gun that might fit in my tool box better.  I hope it works well enough.
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And this keyboard stand I got for free!  I wasn't sure if I needed it or a friend of mine needed it but I knew it was useful.  I was buying it for $10; but when she found out I made puppets and put on black light shows at my church, she gave me my money back and said she wanted to donate it!  We used one last year to set a prop on during our black light show.  Now we have another one.
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Everything I got was about a dollar each, maybe 50 cents.  I can't remember now but I know I didn't spend much. I had a fun time!

Re: Some weekend bargins Posted by Gail on Apr 23, 2014
You scored big.  I like McDonald's Happy Meal parts for puppet props too, just the right size. Too bad my sons are all in their 20s now, my grandaughter is starting to eat solids so we may get new toys soon. The last two times I tried to get doll arm joints at the craft stores they stopped carrying them, guess I will have to give in and get them online. 

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