Fleece Gloves Posted by Dalerone on Apr 28, 2014
Sorry new to the forum, so hopefully this is where a post like this goes.   Are there places out there that sell Fleeve Gloves that would be human adult size that are made to look like Puppet hands for filming of a youtube project?  We want the puppet to be the star but when we have to manipulate props be able to put gloves on our hands that look like we are the puppet if that makes sense.
Re: Fleece Gloves Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Apr 29, 2014
Im not sure on anyone who sells just gloves as I would think they would need to match your puppet for a better look. I build puppets with "Live" Hands or gloved hands which are supplied as part of the puppet.
Re: Fleece Gloves Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Apr 29, 2014
We sell gloves, but like Puppet Workshop mentioned matching the puppet skin might be tricky.  What colors are yourr puppets?

Re: Fleece Gloves Posted by Mr.Kevin on Sep 28, 2014
you may want to try this. Fleece Gloves

Re: Fleece Gloves Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 28, 2014
If you are unable to find what you need, you might take your puppets to your local fabric store and see if you can match your color to some fleece in stock. You won't need much fleece, so it shouldn't cost much. Then take your purchase to someone adept at sewing, and get some custom gloves made. Puppet hands are generally thumb and three fingers, so hold two fingers together (last two fingers?) and spread the rest out. Trace around your hand, and you have the pattern for your seamster/stress to quickly stitch your gloves together.

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