Links to pages for puppeteers - Pinterest Posted by Lola on Apr 30, 2014
Hello everyone!

I am making a new pinterest page listing puppeteers, since I get asked about performers so often. If you have a page/website, and would like to be included, please post below with the following:

Website URL
Location (not online - in the real physical world)

Please no facebook or linked in profiles, since pinterest won't pull pictures from those sites. Personal websites are best. Youtube links are good too. I am adding individual performers, not troupes and such. If you are part of a troupe, I will put you down as your name - troupe name. I might do pages for troupes and online series later.

Thanks all!

Re: Links to pages for puppeteers - Pinterest Posted by Shawn on May 01, 2014
Ok this is a bit off topic but I just checked your site I didn't realize you where selling stuff and I have to say what you are selling is really unique! Ok my puppet friends if I have got your curiosity up you should check out Lola's site. I'm not talking just finished puppets but some cool materials for building them.
Re: Links to pages for puppeteers - Pinterest Posted by Lola on May 01, 2014
Shawn -

Okay, Thank you for the compliment! It totally caught me off guard.   

Second, I have swatches for the furs available for sale, since I get people constantly asking me to send them for free, and I have found charging the $2 narrows it down to only those who are interested. (Seriously, I was getting 10-15 requests per week.)

The rest of the stuff on the site is what I can do for the custom puppets I am working on, and not what I am selling to other puppet makers. I tried it for a while, with an online store and everything, for almost a year, and I sold one yard of wireless chenille to lovely lady in New Jersey and that was it. I tried putting them up on etsy, name it. Crickets.

I'm not big on the whole "Hey, look at me!", so it's probably why that didn't go anywhere. (LOL) I do a lot of my own custom eyes (custom plastic pour and vacu-form) and at Wondercon, I had people trying to buy my samples. *sigh*

I am not trying to discourage people from visiting the page, just want to make sure they understand I'm not a distributor. If you need puppet supplies, I always recommend Julie at Out of the Box.

The reason I am trying to put up the puppeteers page came from doing Wondercon over Easter weekend. It's sort of a mini Comic Con, and the number of people who asked me, "Do you know any performers in XYZ..." was kind of amazing. I have my pinterest link on my card, and told people I would be making a new board with as much info as I could pull together.

Thought it wouldn't hurt to try to promote some of the people from the board, esp. since there's such a broad range of performers and locations.

If anyone is interested, I also have a board for puppeteering and filming information.

Any additional suggestions would be welcome!

Also, apologies for not being as active this year. My schedule has been crazy, but I try to make it on when I can. Oh, and greeting to any of the lurkers out there I suggested visit this site when we talked at the show! You should totally introduce yourselves and ask questions!

Re: Links to pages for puppeteers - Pinterest Posted by bobsmo on May 04, 2014

my friend has a fun blacklight puppet show

Rob Witmer - Spyglass Theater
Seattle, WA
Re: Links to pages for puppeteers - Pinterest Posted by Lola on May 04, 2014
Thanks, Bobsmo! Added him. Looks like a really cute show!

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