Creating a Foam Latex puppet? Posted by NutbarPuppets on May 07, 2014
Hey fellow puppet builders. Does anyone have a useful link or suggestions for books / resources in self teaching how to make Foam Latex puppets. I have always wanted to sculpt mu own heads but I do not know where to start etc. Anyone have any useful tips and tutorials?
Re: Creating a Foam Latex puppet? Posted by Michael_M on May 07, 2014
This topic was addressed to some extent in my earlier thread "feedback on sculpted head and eyes",8583.0.html

My attempt has proven very frustrating in large part because of my limited experience with sculpting. I spent about five months just on a head trying to get it symmetrical and to look feminine and to have obvious features... Then you have to mold it and cast it. Foam rubber is a different process than using casting latex as the other thread addresses.

I wish I had just paid someone to build a puppet so I could have been using it for its intended purpose a LONG time ago. I tried the traditional puppet approach but that was just as challenging. It might be easier and more rewarding if you have the time to experiment rather than a deadline that you miss again and again.

Re: Posted by DrPuppet on May 08, 2014
Foam latex is kinda tricky just in the mixing and the baking but as long as you have a good mold  and plan it should come out the way you need it too if you have some questions I've done it several times and you don't have to use foam latex. There are substitutions to using actual foam latex are still quite soft. Smooth on dot com has several substitutions for foam latex

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Re: Creating a Foam Latex puppet? Posted by Andrew on May 11, 2014
One of your best resources is probably The Stan Winston School of Character Arts, which has tutorials on just about everything related to creature/animatronic puppet fabrication. Another good source of info is the Making Life-like Puppets with Noreen Young DVD, which deals with latex rubber (different than foam latex), but many of the principles involved are the same.

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