shadow puppets Posted by edventure on May 10, 2014
hi all this is my first ever go at shadow puppets. there will be more as the story unfolds

Re: shadow puppets Posted by Shawn on May 10, 2014
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff. Not bad at all for a first try!  Keep at it, you'll only get better!
Re: shadow puppets Posted by Na on May 22, 2014

I do shadow puppets too - liked your designs. My only criticisms would be that the movements were a bit jerky, and the location of the light/rods meant you got a lot of rod-shadow. The mermaid's tail was also a bit awkward... could be an issue with where you placed the joints and/or the rods? (Ah... something seemed off, but I realise it's also the pose of the character. It's an awkward looking pose for swimming) The narration sometimes didn't match the pace of the movement.

Have you considered trying transformation shadow puppets? I don't have a video link to an example, but if you can find a copy of David Currell's book on shadow puppets, there's a good description there. The basic idea is to have one puppet slotted into another, at right angles to each other. From above, the puppet looks like X   . If you turn it so it's facing + (as imagined from above), then one character is visible; turn it 90 degrees and the other character is visible. Hope that makes sense... But it would be ideal for your video as it wouldn't require awkward editing of your content.

Other than that... I like the story, and the designs are really good. Great for a first go!

PS. A battle of the mermaids perhaps? This is mine:

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