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Posted by: Rhoady on Jun 20, 2014
I had originally planned on not restricting myself during this skill building period.

Fair enough. I tried a bit of everything until i found something i liked enough to stick to. Even now i add in bits of other styles of puppetry depending on my needs. Being flexible with your materials and mechanics, or at least having the knowledge to do so, helps a lot i think.

In the end I keep coming back to my current style and methods. Ultimately as much as I detest the labels I will have to endure going the route I am, it serves my end needs the best.

So long as it works for you then, stick with what youve got. You can always change it later.

I have a design for my own kind of puppet I would like to switch to someday. It is perfect for film and could even be used for stage theater(not that I have the social endurance for that sort of thing). I'm sure like any "original"'s been done before. At the moment I just need to gather the techniques needed and the funding to build a "prototype" of sorts. All in time.

Sounds intriguing - always love to see unusual styles. Dont forget though that you can do prototypes on the cheap by recycling or getting offcuts or just making a small part. I have often built proto prototypes - working and refining part of a mech and then once i have that i move on to integrating the idea into a whole puppet.

I've been sitting on it for years now writting, designing. I have a complete map drawn on my studio wall at this point filled with cities, landmarks and possible future expansions. Multiple creature races designed. Stacks of stories/potential stories. Racial Biographies... I even wrote down the process of brewing alcohol used by one of the know...just in case.

Sounds good. And very tolkien

I've worked on it so long at this point all it needs is to be done. Just have to get my know-how to the right level. And some extra hands wouldn't hurt.

A local puppeteer a while ago gave me some advice: just put something put there. Sometimes we get so hung up on making it perfect that we never get around to doing it. Theres nothing stopping you from creating a development blog (or forum thread) and posting snippets or trial videos or photos as you develop your skills. That way you can get feedback and confidence while you work towards the finished product.
Re: Internal Quality Posted by Rhoady on Jun 22, 2014
So...apparently I spoke prematurely when I said my current style and methods fit my needs. Was playing around with a marionette type zombie idea today and I was staring at the little head I was working on and it took me back to the original concepts of my big film idea I want to do one day.
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A long time ago when I had one story I wanted to tell, before I spent years turning it into the tolkien world it has become, I toyed with the idea of how it would make a cool stop motion movie. Well for various reasons it never stuck. So today I'm looking at my tiny potential zombie head and it clicks in my head...why not? Realistically I don't have the finances or manpower to do a life sized production like I dream to but something about building a model city with decent sized marionette hybrids fits the original storybook concept of it all.

I know you guys don't know anything about my film plans so hopefully my vague comments make sense. The overall point is I think I stumbled onto a new direction. One that takes me back to the root of my plans and is possible with my at most 3-5 man crew(depending on how many friends I can kidnap into the project).

If my ideas work it will be a strange mix of puppetry methods smashed into these little guys. I'm going to have to do some research on techniques and whatnot but if you guys have any marionette and/or rod puppet links lying around I would appreciate the head start. If not no biggy. I'll probably make a day of researching tomorrow once I fine tune the ideas buzzing around my head.
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I like the sound of that, can't wait to see your attempts! 

Realistically I don't have the finances or manpower to do a life sized production like I dream

That thought has kept me at bay from many dreams for nearly 12 years.  I have finally said f-it and am moving forward.  No, the resources are not there but so what.  In this day and age, all you need is a computer, a camera phone, and imagination.  Granted, you will face obstacles and there will be stumbling.  But that happens with or without the resources
Re: Internal Quality Posted by Rhoady on Jun 22, 2014
Amen to that TygerMin~

I saw your thread for filming tips~ I wish you luck haha. I would have commented but I'm just winging it myself in that department. If I stumble onto anything in my attempts I'll be sure to pass it along!
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Am about to head out the door to go home but if you want resources you can browse the odd thousand or two at

There you can download a copy of my bookmarks. I think there might be some stop motion links too, not sure. Hobey ford's site has some good stuff on rod puppets as well as puppetbuilder(.com???). That russian pinterest website i posted to the forums a while back would also be useful.

Sounds like you have got your new direction and progress can be made! Exciting!

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My two cents:  My puppet team folks didn't like the feel of the foam.  If they don't like the foam touching their hand, if it is hot, mouth doesn't move freely, or it its so heavy that your arm aches, that puppet will stay in the cabinet and not be used no matter how exciting the outside is. A well made good functioning puppet with cool lining will encourage repeat sales.

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