Intro Posted by guinness59 on Jul 23, 2014
Hi all. my name is Mark. I found this site while looking for info about maionettes. I hope to be able to learn from y'all. I don't know much about making puppets of any kind. I am a wood carver and I have make a couple of dolls.
 I was wondering if any one here have made this type of puppet or know anything about the construction.
  Any help would be great.
Re: Intro Posted by Na on Jul 23, 2014
That doesn't look like a marionette to me, but rather a rear-operated rod puppet. I'm pretty sure you'd find some info on how to make similar things at His downloads section has some notes on making things like that, and the 'miniature rod puppet leg detail' info might also be relevant. Also his photos page for miniature rod puppets.

I've seen that pic before, but I don't know where from. A reverse look-up lead me to UNIMA HU - UNIMA Hungary - whose site no longer exists. You can try contacting them via the info here:
But my guess is the people at the mailing list will have some idea of who made it.

The only other link I turned up was for another dead site, which looks to be poems and photos.

I think we've discussed similar puppets here before but my memory is lacking - perhaps one of the others can point to the relevant forum. - EDIT: Aha - searching for the file name "mikropodium", turned up this:
I knew I'd seen it here before.,8093.0.html,5525.0.html

You'll have no problems finding out more info, just by contacting Lénárt András. His website is a bit convoluted, so here's an easy link to his contact info:
Re: Intro Posted by guinness59 on Jul 24, 2014
Thank you. I will check the links that you posted.

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