Re: marionette controller Posted by Shawn on Aug 17, 2015
I've replied to your other post on this subject with the one video that is available. Again since manipulation is so dependent on where strings are placed it is really hard to give a definitive answer to your question.  The video I posted for you though goes a long way in in explaining the basic concept.
Re: marionette controller Posted by Robert T. on Aug 18, 2015
As I said- I did end an email to "CastironCarousel' in regards to the Controller.  Have a funny feeling I'm not going to get a response. I guess you never know till ya try.
Re: marionette controller Posted by marionettics on Aug 20, 2015
You might find this useful;

Their marionettes and controllers are absolutely beautiful and a real pleasure to use.

I have used and own a wide variety of controllers as most of my marionettes have been bought/ commissioned rather than built. I have rebuilt the controllers on some of the marionettes I own and adjusted others because they didn't quite provide the movement I wanted or just weren't very good. My first steps into the marionette world were incredibly frustrating with a steep learning curve! One thing I would say if you are just starting out building or looking to purchase a marionette is don't worry too much about getting a specific style of controller and think more about what you want the marionette to do and finding someone that understands movement and motion well. 
Re: marionette controller Posted by Robert T. on Aug 20, 2015
Well said.  Wish there were more instructional videos giving tips and pointers on using controllers.  Thanks again.
Re: marionette controller Posted by Kodl on Jul 19, 2017
Mystery solved.

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