Masking Tape Pattern Posted by ArthurS on Jul 30, 2014
Here is a quick way to make your own pattern.  This is really good for both simple patterns, as well as those odd-shaped puppets.

Wad paper up into the general shape you want
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Use a layer or two of tin foil to get a closer shape. You don't want thick layers of tinfoil as it will be the backing of your end pattern.
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Cover in masking tape
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Cut the tape/tinfoil layer off where you believe a good place for a center seam should be (top). Cut wedges into the shaped piece so the pattern lies flat. (bottom). Do not cut away any parts of the pattern or you will have to re-add them later.
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Transfer the pattern to your foam
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Assemble and decorate puppet
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Re: Masking Tape Pattern Posted by Na on Jul 30, 2014
Fab tutorial! If I were still working with foam I'd think this would come in handy quite a lot.
Re: Masking Tape Pattern Posted by Shawn on Jul 30, 2014
Hey thanks for posting this over here also!  This really illustrates the basic steps really well.  I would like to point out to others that Arthur used this to get his basic shape and the added details on top of that. I think that is the smart way to go. Just like a house a puppet needs a good strong foundation to hold up and work well. This approach lets you do that.
Re: Masking Tape Pattern Posted by ArthurS on Jul 30, 2014
Yeah. its all in the details.  Notice the hose in the final puppet pic?  It has a squeeze bulb from a turkey baster on one end.  The other end goes inside the alien's mouth to a blow out party favor.  It's hilarious!
Re: Masking Tape Pattern Posted by pagestep007 on Jul 30, 2014
This technique really does work. A bunch of university students here, made a bunch of puppets this way (but using plasticine models) and they did a show I was invited too  a week or two back.They did well.
Re: Masking Tape Pattern Posted by Shawn on Jul 31, 2014
I love the party favor FX! I had noticed the hose and thought maybe you where blowing talc powder through it out the mouth.

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