new web page Posted by titere on Jul 31, 2014
Hello all. Some of you know me here, because I have made puppets drawings, logos, or even paper dolls of some puppet characters.    Well, I have made a simple website, with a sample of my work. (including puppet drawings!) )) Any coment or idea, appreciated. Thanks!
Re: new web page Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jul 31, 2014
Looks good.
Re: new web page Posted by Shawn on Aug 01, 2014
Yeah! You finally have a website!  It's great to see some of your designs and other work. 

The only comments I would have about the site itself, would be that I think you need to incorporate your BeaVega Design logo into the the header of the site so it is on each page and I would like to see more text about each image you share.  I do love pictures but the search engines what to see text on a page so they know what the page is about.

Re: new web page Posted by TygerMin on Aug 01, 2014
Awesome work!  Nice to see it all together
Re: new web page Posted by Na on Aug 02, 2014
Great site! I have to agree with Shawn though: having no text on the page means you won't appear in search results very well, especially as there is no 'metadata' (special keywords and descriptions used by search engines so they know what your website is about). You might also want to fix the 'title' of the website - the words that appear in the tab of your browser; and the 'favicon'.

I like seeing all the artwork though, especially as so much of it is familiar
Re: new web page Posted by titere on Aug 03, 2014
Thanks for your comments and advices!
Shawn, i took your advice, and placed the logo on each page. Thaks. I also wrote a name for each image. But the images are placed now on a slide show, so unless the image is "pointed" with a cursor, the text will not show. Should I write in each page even if the images have a name now?
Na, what key words should I write on each page? It says graphics, or illustration, etc already...  I do want that the search engines find my webpage. What do you mean by "fix the 'title' of the website ", the tabs? Are they too small? I know that in the header image, the words is part of the photo, is not text you can "touch" with the cursor, and select it or click on it. Is that what you mean? Thanks for the favicon link, Ido need to place line.

It is WORK, to make a website! All of you that sit and "program" this by yourself, you have all my respect. But is fun, I am learning. Is easy for me to make the graphics for headers, and web graphics in general, but to mount a webpage that is something else.!
Ah, just in case, I am working with wordpress template, a blog template. 

Please, if you have any more advice or comments, keep them coming. Thanks to all that take the time to take a look at it.
Re: new web page Posted by Shawn on Aug 04, 2014
You should have some type of text on the page along with the slide show. Like what  you did on your 2d Animation Workshop page. It should be something that explains what that page is all about. Something that "sells" you!    We know that at least the puppet community has come to you to make logos, backdrops and other graphics for their websites. That should be explained on you different pages.  Notice the words "logos"?  That is an example of what Na means about keywords. You make sure that word is on the page within a sentence at least once on the page.  Then you add it to the metatag keywords list. Figuring out what keywords to use can be a challenge. Try to think like a client. What would they put in a search engine if they where looking for your services. Here is just one page I found on the subject by searching google. It is geared toward graphic designers.  I searched on "What are the top keyword for graphic designers".  You might be able to get some results in your native language if you do the search.

Metatags are part of the header of the page. They are not seen but part of the code at the top.  This is also where you control the "Title" of the page. Look like you have it set on most of them but no on the Illustration page you have set as the main page. I am not as familiar with Wordpress as Na but did find this info page on it.   
Re: new web page Posted by titere on Aug 05, 2014
Thank Shawn for explaining. I spent a time now to write a description for each page, and almost all the images.  Thanks for the links and advices so much.
Re: new web page Posted by Shawn on Aug 05, 2014
Your welcome.  If there is anything else I can help with just let me know.
Re: new web page Posted by Shawn on Aug 05, 2014
There is something off with your slide shows. Not sure how to guide you though to get it fixed. The Title and desction is not showing up clearly when you mouse over the picture because of the small navigation buttons at the bottom.  Did you perhaps modify the CSS for that plugin?  Do you have options to perhaps have the title and description show below the picture instead of over it? That might help.

The rest is looking great!

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