Kinetic creatures Posted by Na on Aug 05, 2014
Old, but good:

Cardboard models of animals that are motorised and can move by themselves. Quite puppet-like, and thought you all would enjoy the video!
Re: Kinetic creatures Posted by Shawn on Aug 06, 2014
Cool!  I thought this was going to be the large sculptures built that you see outside on the beach.  I had not seen these before.
Re: Kinetic creatures Posted by Na on Aug 06, 2014
Yeah, they're really neat. I'd love to make something like that. From the looks of it, they've designed these on the computer using some sort of modelling program, then sent cardboard through a cutting machine. I'm going to look at it more in-depth later for ideas on how to achieve automata. One thing I love about them is that they're small enough to use at market stalls for eye-catching effect.

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